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Review Template

The following template should be used for your reviews. To turn in the review, simply email it to me before class the day that it is due.

The Problem

What are the main problems addressed in this paper? How are they addressed (theory, system design)?


Is this an important problem? Why or why not? It is your job to decide if you believe the problem is important. Obviously, the author is not going to say, "This is really not an important problem but we thought we'd address it anyways".

New/Key Ideas and Contributions

What are the key ideas presented in this paper? What concepts should you leave with? Are these new ides about a design or are they evaluation methods? What is new that this paper solves and are the contributions important?

Main Findings

A summary of the main results from this paper.

Assumptions, weaknesses, limitations

Rarely (never) is a paper perfect. What assumptions are made by the authors. Are they valid assumptions? Realistic? What are the main drawbacks of this paper? Are the solutions limited in some sense? Did they not solve the problems proposed? Does the solution only have a narrow scope? Can this approach be improved or extended to solve some of the weaknesses?