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LectureDateTopicReadingPaper ReviewProblem SetProgramming Assignment
1Wednesday Jan. 3Introduction to Computer Networks and the InternetK&R 1.1-1.3
2Monday Jan. 8K&R 1.4-1.6Homework 1 Assigned
3Wednesday Jan. 10K&R 1.7-1.8Assigned: [Cla88]Homework 1 Due, Homework 2 Assigned
4Monday Jan. 15Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday: No class
5Wednesday Jan. 17Application LayerK&R 2.1-2.4Due: [Cla88]
Assigned: [SRC84]
Homework 2 Due
6Monday Jan. 22Socket Programming Tutorial
7Wednesday Jan. 24Application LayerK&R 2.4-2.9Due: [SRC84]
Assigned: [MD88]
Homework 3 AssignedProgram 1 Assigned
8Monday Jan. 29 Transport Protocol K&R 3.1-3.3
9Wednesday Jan. 31K&R 3.4 Due: [MD88]
Assigned: [JK88]
Homework 3 Due
10Monday Feb. 5K&R 3.5Checkpoint 1 Due
11Wednesday Feb. 7K&R 3.6-3.7Due: [JK88]Homework 4 Assigned
12Monday Feb. 12Midterm Exam, from Chapters 1 to 3
13Wednesday Feb. 14 Network LayerK&R 4.1-4.4Assigned: [Tsu88]Homework 4 DueCheckpoint 2 Due
14Monday Feb. 19K&R 4.5-4.6
15Wednesday Feb. 21K&R 4.7-4.8Due: [Tsu88]Homework 5 Assigned
16Monday Feb. 26Link LayerK&R 5.1-5.2
17Wednesday Feb. 28K&R 5.3-5.7Homework 5 Due
18Monday Mar. 5 K&R 5.8-5.10Homework 6 Assigned
19Wednesday Mar. 7 Wireless NetworksK&R 6.1-6.5
20Monday Mar. 12K&R 6.6-6.9Homework 6 Due