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1Tue. Mar 27Introduction to the classChris
2Thu. Mar 29"Chord: a scalable peer-to-peer lookup protocol for internet applications"Chris
3Tue. Apr 3"A scalable content-addressable network"Gabor
4Thu. Apr 5"Pastry: Scalable, decentralized object location and routing for large-scale peer-to-peer systems"Dan
5Tue. Apr 10"Characterizing Unstructured Overlay Topologies in Modern P2P File-Sharing Systems"Seif
6Thu. Apr 12"SCRIBE: A large-scale and decentralized application-layer multicast infrastructure"Chris
7Tue. Apr 17"1500 archers on a 28.8: Network Programming in the Age of Empires and Beyond"Gabor
8Thu. Apr 19"A Distributed Architecture for Multiplayer Interactive Applications"DanProject 1 Assigned
9Tue. Apr 24"Cheat-proof Playout for Centralized and Distributed Online Games"Seif
10Thu. Apr 26 "Cheat-proof Playout for Centralized and Distributed Online Games"Seif
11Tue. May 1"Mercury: Supporting Scalable Multi-Attribute Range Queries"Chris
12Thu. May 3"Low-Latency and Cheat-Proof Event Ordering for Distributed Games"Gabor
13Tue. May 8"Peer-to-Peer Support for Massively Multiplayer Games"Dan
14Thu. May 10"Aspects of Networking in Multiplayer Computer Games"Seif
15Tue. May 15Collective dynamics of 'small-world' networksChris
16Thu. May 17"Distributed Routing in Small-World Networks"Gabor
18Thu. May 22"The Small-World Phenomenon: An Algorithmic Perspective"Dan
18Tue. May 24"A federated peer-to-peer network game architecture"Seif
19Tue. May 29Work on ProjectDan, Gabor, Seif
20Thu. May 31Work on ProjectDan, Gabor, Seif