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COMP 4704: Secure Memory Models

Winter 2009

Course Info

InstructorProf. Chris GauthierDickey
OfficeJohn Greene Hall, 321
Office HoursTue. and Thu., 9-10am
Time & LocationT,R 10:00am - 11:50am, Location: JGH 318 (Game Lab)
PrerequisiteGraduate Student!

In this class, we will study two main topics: distributed event ordering and byzantine agreement. These two problems are at the core of all distributed system problems and a fundamental understanding of them is exceedingly useful for actually building working distributed systems.

The class will be formatted as a workshop, meaning that students will be expected to read the research papers ahead of time, write reviews of the papers, and discuss them. You will be graded on class participation, presentations, and reviews. The breakout of these is approximately 1/3 each. There is no final for the class.

You can find the guidelines on reviews on the menu on the left.