COMP 4704: Augmented Reality

Fall 2010

Course Info

InstructorProf. Chris GauthierDickey
OfficeJohn Greene Hall, 321
Office HoursTBD
Time & LocationT,R 12:00pm - 1:50pm, Location: JGH 318 (Game Lab)
PrerequisiteGraduate Student! and most likely Networking (COMP 3621)

Course Wiki

This course uses a wiki which has all the important information and which you'll use for required assignments. To access this off-campus, you must use the external campus VPN!

Course Description

Augmented reality is the blending of computer graphics and human vision to create new computing interfaces and environments. In this course we will read the state-of-the-art research papers in the topic, students will present the papers in class, and the class will explore new research areas in Augmented Reality. Projects in the course (C++ and Lua/Python based) will focus primarily on developing software that connects a networked virtual environment with our motion capture system and virtual reality goggles. This course counts towards the Advanced Programming requirement of Master's students and towards the Networking sequence of classes for PhD students. Students taking this course will need to have taken and passed COMP 3621 (Computer Networking) and COMP 3351 (Programming Languages). COMP 3801 (Intro. Computer Graphics) is not necessary but helpful depending on the types of project being developed.