José G. Mijares
Teaching Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Denver
2280 S. Vine St.
Denver, CO 80208
Office: Aspen Hall North, Suite 303 - 709B
Email: jose.mijarespalacios at
Phone: 303-871-4213

Research Interests
Set theory, Ramsey theory, Combinatorics, Topology.

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Statement

Research Statement


1. Teoría de Ramsey y Dinámica de Grupos Topológicos (Ramsey Theory and Dynamics of Topological Groups - In Spanish). Ediciones IVIC, Caracas. 2012


10. Local Ramsey theory. An abstract approach, (with Carlos Di Prisco and Jesús Nieto), in preparation.
9. A Ramsey space of infinite polyhedra and the random polyhedron, (with Gabriel Padilla), submitted.
8. Topological Ramsey spaces from Fraïssé classes. Ramsey-classification theorems, and initial segments of the Tukey types of P-Points, (with Natasha Dobrinen and Timothy Trujillo). Accepted. To appear in Archive for Mathematical Logic, special issue in honor of James E. Baumgartner. 34 pp
7. Topological Ramsey spaces and metrically Baire sets, (with Natasha Dobrinen). Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A 135 (2015), 161-180. DOI: 10.1016/j.jcta.2015.05.001.
6. Un espacio de Ramsey topológico de estructuras métricas (A topological Ramsey space of metric structures -in Spanish), (with Daniela Torrealba). Accepted. To appear in Acta Científica Venezolana.
5. On Galvin's lemma and Ramsey spaces, Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 16 (2012), Issue 2, 319-330.
4. Ideal games and Ramsey sets, (with Carlos Di Prisco and Carlos Uzcátegui), Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 140 (2012), 2255-2265.
3. A parametrization of the abstract Ramsey theorem, (with Jesús Nieto) Divulgaciones Matemáticas. Vol. 16, No. 2, (2008) ,259-274.
2. A notion of selective ultrafilter corresponding to topological Ramsey spaces, Mathematical Logic Quarterly, 53, No. 3 (2007), 255-267.
1. Parametrizing the abstract Ellentuck theorem, Discrete Mathematics, 307 (2007) 216-225.