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Cirruculum Vitae (PDF file)
The next few links are pdf's of notes I have tex'd. Disclaimer: These notes are in their very early draft stages, so take caution when reading. Enjoy!
Quantum Groups Notes The goal of these notes is to construct the Compact Quantum Group SU_q(2), so it is sparse in the general theory.
Noncommutative Metric Geometry Notes In its current state, the majority of this file is Metric Geometry with a treatment of the Gromov-Hausdorff Distance and the Monge-Kantorivich Metric. Although, these notes do introduce the Noncommutative version of the Monge-Kantorovich Metric developed by Dr. Marc A. Rieffel in his 1998 paper, Metrics on states from actions of compact groups (arXiv link).
C^*-Algebras Includes the Irrational Rotation Algebra.
Functional Analysis .

I passed my Oral Qualifying Exam on 09/10/2014. The topics were C^*-algebras and Functional Analysis. Here is the Syllabus .