Grants and Awards

National Science Foundation Grant DMS-1600781. "Ramsey Theory, Set Theory, and Tukey Order." September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2019. $129,995.

Excellence in Research Award, University of Denver, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 2015-2016.

National Science Foundation Grant DMS-142470. "Conference on Infinitary Ramsey Theory, May 24-28, 2014". $10,200.

National Science Foundation Grant DMS-1301665. "Ramsey Theory, Set Theory, and Tukey Order." September 1, 2013 - August 31, 2016. $114,368.

Support for Travel and Living Expenses to participate in the Fields Institute Thematic Program in Forcing and Its Applications, National Science Foundation, July 2012 - December 2012. $5000.

Simons Foundation Collaboration Grant #245286. "Classification of Tukey types of ultrafilters." September 1, 2012 - August 31, 2017. $35,000. (Terminated September 1, 2013 due to NSF grant.)

Association for Women in Mathematics/National Science Foundation Mentoring Travel Grant. November/December 2010 (Paris). $2800.

University of Denver Faculty Research Fund grant. "Subtle Measurements on Large Spaces." July/August 2010 (Paris). $3000.

National Science Foundation grant to start the BLAST Conference series (Co-PI) (University of Denver). $27,390.