4th Pingree Park Dynamics Workshop
Pingree Park, Colorado, USA, August 6 - 11, 2011

The 2011 Pingree Park Dynamical Systems Workshop will be held at the Pingree Park Campus of Colorado State University, CO on the dates August 6-11, 2011. (Pingree Park Campus Info) The workshop will be on topological dynamics and ergodic theory in general, but with a special focus on multidimensional systems (Zd actions in the topological and measure-theoretic category). This meeting follows similar meetings in the summers of 2008-2010 at the same location. The goals are to gather researchers from distinct, but closely related, fields to communicate results, stimulate new research, and foster the development of young researchers in the field. The intended conference size is 30 participants, a number limited by the size of the facility we plan to use. As such, the meeting will be small enough to maintain a workshop-type feel within confined research areas, but large enough to represent a reasonably wide range of research expertise. Because participation is limited, we ask that interested individuals apply for participation and, if relevant, for funding. (See Application Process below.) The schedule will include regular daily talks, with large blocks of time allocated for discussion and development of collaborative work. Junior researchers (graduate students and postdocs) and members of underrepresented groups will be especially encouraged to participate and, where appropriate, contribute talks.

Schedule of Talks

Titles and Abstracts

This meeting is supported by NSF grant DMS-1113584.

Funding and Costs
Funding has been made available for the meeting by NSF grant DMS-1113584 and by the University of Denver. Local costs for participants will be covered - transportation from the University of Denver to Pingree Park as well as room and board at Pingree Park. Some limited amount of funding is available to support travel; junior researchers will receive top priority for funding.

Application Process
For those interested in participating in the 2011 Pingree Park Dynamics Workshop, please include the following in an email to the organizers: Nic Ormes normes@math.du.edu and Ronnie Pavlov rpavlov@du.edu.

  1. A current cv with publication list.
  2. A brief statement of interest in the meeting.
  3. Whether you would be interested in speaking, and if so on what topic.
  4. Whether you will be requesting travel funding from us.

Participants should plan to arrive to the campus of the University of Denver by 12:00 noon on Saturday Aug 6. We will be driving two large vans from the campus to the facility at Pingree Park (a 3-4 hour drive with a stop in Fort Collins). The talks will formally begin on Sunday, August 7 and run through Wednesday, August 10. On the morning of Thursday, August 11 we will depart the facility. Departure times will depend on outgoing flight times for participants.


  1. Nic Ormes (organizer), University of Denver
  2. Ronnie Pavlov (organizer), University of Denver