Timothy Trujillo

Office: John Greene Hall 320


Office Hours: Multivariable Calculus T-Th 11:00am- 1:00pm, Abstract Algebra M-W noon-2:00pm


Address: 2360 S. Gaylord St. Denver, CO 80208


Phone:  505-379-7937


Email: timothy.trujillo@du.edu


Ph.D. Advisor: Professor Natasha Dobrinen


Researh Interests:

Ramsey Theory, Combinatorial Set Theory, Partition Relations, Topological Ramsey Theory, Ultrafilters on ω, Canonical Ramsey Theory, Tukey Theory of Ultrafilters and Nonstandard Models of Arithmetic.


Picture of me (far left) at the AAAS PD award ceremony


Graduate Colloquium (Organizer)

University of Denver

Figure 1: A tree that gives rise to a topological Ramsey space R

                 with a selective for R but not Ramsey for R ultrafilter.