BLAST   August 6 - 10, 2008

University of Denver, Colorado, USA





 If you will be receiving any form of reimbursement from BLAST you will need to provide original receipts of your accommodation and travel (airfare, shuttle buses, taxis, and anything else involved in traveling to the conference). E-tickets can serve as receipts for airfare.  (Ticket stubs/boarding passes are not needed.) If you are staying in a hotel and check out on Sunday morning, please bring the hotel receipt to the conference, or mail it to the department. If BLAST is not able to refund all of your costs, we will issue a receipt for the amount requested and the amount reimbursed along with copies of the receipts only partially reimbursed.

 Also, you will need to fill out and submit form W9 (for US citizens) or form W8 (for international participants), preferably on the first day of the conference. You can fill in the forms before you arrive and submit them (together with your receipts) during Registration (8:00-8:50 on Wednesday, August 6th), or you can use the forms we will provide (in your folder).